Our Products
  • Kent Resort Style Estate (Coming soon)
  • Mile 36 Middle-income residential estate (Coming soon)
  • Njala University Student Housing Community (Coming soon)
  • 220 mm Hydraform's ISSB Conduit Block
  • 180 mm Hydraform's ISSB Conduit Block
  • 150 mm Hydraform's ISSB Conduit Block
  • 140 mm Hydraform's Semi ISSB Conduit Block
  • Hydraform's Curved ISSB Conduit Block

Hydraform's dry-stacked (hydraulically compressed) soil-cement, interlocking blocks.

  • Reduce total cost of mortar (cement and Sand and water)
  • Construction is supervised by trained and qualified engineers
  • Blocks are clean and free of all debris sticking to the block surface for improved interlock and archiving pump and level construction
40 Sqaure Metres Self Contained House (1 Living room, 1 bedroom, 1 bathroom, 1 kitchen) can be constructed in 11 days using 2700 Hydraform's 180 mm blocks
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