Dry-Stacked (hydraulically compressed) soil-cement, interlocking block

This block is used as an alternative to the 220 mm block for single story building only. The following are standard recommendations for the Hydraform's 180mm interlocking block and mould;

  • Block strength must be minimum of 7MPa
  • All internal walls must be plastered
  • Single story wall construction only
  • 1/2 blocks must be cut from full-length blocks with an angle grinder and must not be made in the block-making machines, as doing so can cause damage to the hydraulic components. Long blocks can be produced with some solids to elevate the use of 1/2 blocks
  • Designs must be approved as well as all construction supervised by a qualified engineer
  • Wear-plates must be changed when the block height reaches 117mm
180 mm
120 mm to 240 mm (Variable)
115 mm