TpEstate (SL) Limited

About TpESTATE Sierra Leone Limited

We are a real estate property developer and an eco-friendly residential builder specialised in the Hydraform Interlocking Building System.


TpESTATE builds detached, semi-detached and terrace homes primarily on land that it develops and improves. We operate our architectural design and Hydraform Interlocking Stabilized Soil Block (ISSB) manufacturing operations. Our sustainable homes respect resources, optimizes energy and water use, and will last longer. We use passive solar design to aid in heating, and cooling living spaces, building materials that reflect, absorb, and transmit the sun’s radiation. Inside rooms are designed to facilitate the movement of sun-heated air without the use of fans.

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We architect, design, 3D Model & render, build and sell eco-friendly homes on land that we own and develop in Sierra Leone. TpESTATE also offer eco-friendly design and building services to clients who already own land in Sierra Leone.

Design Eco-Friendly Homes

Front View of Detached Bold and Compact 2-4 bedroom home design

Build Eco-Friendly Homes

TpESTATE Vacation Community at Kent Village, Sierra Leone

Sell Eco-Friendly Homes

Kent Eco-friendly vacation community

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