TpEstate (SL) Limited

Building Blocks from Recycled Building Rubble

Hydraform 220mm Block

The Hydraform Building System is a unique machine used to produce quality building blocks. It is used for constructing many forms of buildings and walls. It allows for more affordable construction, and the ability to build anywhere using soil from the earth, that is dug locally or on the actual building site.
This is great for countries that experience a desperate need for quality housing as well as builders and contractors, NGO’s and mine housing.

Local soil is no longer the only source of raw material that can be used to produce Hydraform interlocking building blocks. Through recent testing, it was found that the Hydraform machine works perfectly well for producing building blocks from the RECYCLED building rubble.

The concept is not new and has been used in other countries with huge success. Old buildings are demolished regularly to make way for new ones the world over. Using the rubble from demolished buildings also reduces the carbon footprint, making these blocks environmentally friendly.

The process of creating these blocks is quite simple. Building rubble is crushed into small aggregate using a crushing machine. Thereafter it is mixed with cement; the building rubble contains enough clay material to produce quality Hydraform blocks.

This means that the Hydraform Block Making Machine is a versatile machine, whether used in constructing low-cost housing in remote areas, up market estates in residential areas, agricultural use, or the reconstruction of demolished areas.